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Earthchild is a marketing initiative of PEACE 2000, an international charity. Sponsored by many leading companies, Earthchild works with a world wide network of Independent Partners offering a range of products and services.

Business Products:
PeaceTrust Seal
HelpDesk for Websites
Business Ambassador
Embassy Office Suite
Business WebPack
Affinity Marketing

Consumer Products:
Ambassador Club
Birthday Lottery
Personal WebPack
Peaceg ram

Contacts & Sponsors

  Connecting Business to Maximize Website Revenues!

Our range of Internet products for business users enhances the online experience and communications amongst company personnel and its customers:

The PeaceTrust Seal™ of Integrity is a revolutionary new security product delivering real-time Identity Assurance to your website visitors.  The PeaceTrust Seal removes a major barrier to successful e-commerce: the lack of the ability to verify the trust between a website and its visitors providing an e-commerce environment in which website visitors are assured they are dealing with legitimate organisations.  The PeaceTrust Seal dramatically improves customer confidence in doing business over the Internet by providing a solid proof of your identity backed with a $10,000 insurance for your customer from HSBC one of the worlds largest banking institution!  Additionally PeaceTrust offers a full range of SSL security products and Secure Email Certificates.

NetKALL is an online HelpDesk solution that helps you maximize your web site revenues and give your customers a better service.  Benefits:

  • When a visitor to your web site needs help, they click your HelpDesk button - customizable to your own design.
  • No plug-ins or downloads needed by your customers. Chat window opens automatically and an audio/visual alert sent to a designated computer in your sales or support department.
  • Operators can see all visitors profile in real-time, where they come from, pages visited, time they spend on your website.
  • Many advanced features including push-page, several simultaneous chats, call transfer and management reports.
  • Sell More! Take the order instantly by chatting with your customers. Up-sell, cross-sell, offer special deals.
  • Decrease Costs. One operator can easily assist up to 5 customers simultaneously, much more productive than phone conversations and gives the customer a greatly improved customer service.
  • Less than 5 minute setup, easy to use, low cost monthly subscription.

Other products and services we offer to business users are:

  • Business Ambassador giving your employees access to the Embassy Virtual Office System, Long Distance Services and Video Email through a low cost monthly subscription. Twenty user workgroup $250 monthly, larger groups also available.
  • Embassy Virtual Office for smaller or larger workgroups that can be customized to your company.  Starting at $39.95 monthly.
  • Business WebPack, Domain Name Registration and Hosting. Business hosting from only $9.95 a month.
  • Long Distance services with free PC2PC calls and deeply discounted Phone2Phone calls.
  • WebMeeting conference rooms to host meetings over the Internet using the latest VOIP technology.
  • Video Email. Promote your company and products with live video.  We offer streaming Video Email services for marketing campaigns.
  • Affinity Marketing. Peace 2000 marketing campaigns can be designed to suit your business. 

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Join Earthchild

Enjoy many exclusive benefits and savings from sponsors while supporting the work of Peace 2000 with a small monthly contribution.

Want to join Earthchild as a business partner?


Let me show you how to increase sales and save money with our many business services the NETKALL Helpdesk, EMBASSY groupware, PEACECALL long distance & VOIP, the WEBPOINT meeting system and Business WEBPACK domain name services and hosting.

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