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  An Outstanding Business Opportunity and Lifestyle

When an international charity teams up with industry leading companies, something extraordinary happens.  Earthchild is a new business concept that is worthy of your attention:

The key to real and solid income is to market a product or a service that has 3 key characteristics:


  1. It needs to sell itself.  No arm-twisting, brow-beating, or manipulation required.

  2. Along with this, it must have high reorder rate.  Again, no arm-twisting required.

  3. It needs to be ahead of a major trend so that business can flow to you naturally.


Earthchild is engaged in the fastest growing sector of the data and communications industry.  According to a a study released by Infonetics Research in June 2002, the industry will grow to $46.2 billion by 2006.  Almost every home, every office, every person on the planet is a potential customer for our voice, data and visual communication products.  These leading edge services delivered over the Internet are changing the way we communicate with each other and replacing traditional phone and computer applications.

The company has developed a Turn-Key business opportunity program allowing individuals with no previous experience to become communications consultants with a residual income stream running into several hundred thousand dollars annually.  But take note, this is a real business and a solid income opportunity but not some "automatic get rich scheme". The company has the backing of several industry leaders to provide state of the art systems and support, but they will only consider working with people that are determined to succeed. You must be willing to re-arrange your schedule to allow at the minimum a a few hours a week to work with the company leadership in building your business.

Concentrate on building your business and residual income with our comprehensive support program:

  • Turnkey Business with a Substantial Profit Potential
  • No Inventory To Stock - It's a virtual product delivered over the Internet
  • No Experience Necessary - We provide you Training and Support
  • No Technical Skills Needed - We provide Tech Support to your Clients
  • No Merchant Accounts or Dept Collection - Automated billing system and you get your money wired to your bank account each month
  • Your own customized website and Live Chat for making presentations
  • A ready to go Netkall Distributor License included in your Earthchild package

If you are willing to make a serious commitment working a new business we would welcome you on our team.

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